Detox Tea

How does Fitime Detox Tea works?

Fitime Detox Tea can be used by people of any age?

What are the storage recommendations of the product?

After open, how long does the product last with all its properties? Does it have an expiration date?

There are contraindications in the consumption of the products?

What are the benefits of the ingredients of the Fitime Detox Tea?

To achieve the results, an exercise regime and a change in diet are required?

If I want to lose weight, taking the Fitime teas, can I get it?

Fit Planner

What is the Fitime Fit planner?

Fitime Fit planner is only for women? Can not be used by men?

Why a physical agenda and not a digital one?

Why Fitime Fitplanner only comes for 12 weeks?